2012: Zombie Apocalypse Intro

If you haven’t been in a bubble for the last 10 years, you know all about the freaking out of people every where about the “end of the world” this year. I actually am NOT a skeptic when it comes to mystics and prophecies, far from it. I’m pretty spiritual, I’m just not religious. But I’m also pretty logical. And I gotta laugh at some of this stuff.

Do I believe this is going to happen? No. I do not believe on Dec 21st of this year the world is going to blow up. Do I believe somethings are changing? Yes. Do I believe it’s possible? Sure, it’s possible. We are, after all, just like any other species on the planet. But here are some theories I’ve heard:

1. Mayan calendar ends. Means the world ends. This seems a little weird to me. Maybe they just didn’t look past 2012. Maybe it had to do with a celestial event. Rare celestial events happen all the time, several in just my lifetime. I don’t think this means the world’s gonna end. I mean, if you were going to make a calendar that goes like 3000 years in the future, you’d have to stop eventually (all that chiseling probably gets tiring), so 2012 seems as good a time as any.

2. Nostradamus. He predicted the end. Supposedly. He also predicted 1000 years of peace. Many of his predictions are also interpreted after the fact. Now, the nature of “prediction” is that they have to be accurate BEFORE, not interpreted as AFTER.  I’m not saying he’s all full of crap, I’m just saying a lot of his stuff is basically molded to fit something that happened, not the other way around.

3. The zombies are coming. I don’t think I really have to acknowledge this, but, still that’s what we call “sh*t hitting the fan” in this house. When the zombies come. Obviously, I don’t think the zombies are actually coming. (Mr B wants me to add the footnote, as a believer in zombie outbreak, that the CDC has an actual zombie outbreak plan on their site and it should taken seriously. Okie doke.)

4. Environmental catastrophe, water shortages, collapse of current societies due to resources being eliminated or altered. This seems more likely to me.

5. The caldera under Yellowstone blowing, changing the sun, the weather, the atmosphere and killing a lot of us worldwide. This really isn’t an “IF” it’s a “WHEN”. They know this has happened before, and there are signs that it’s going to blow again. Old Faithful not being faithful any more, places heating up fast and unpredictably. But will it happen in our lifetime? I dunno. It’s 100,00 years overdue, but then again, 100 years in the span of THAT long is minute, so what are the chances it’ll blow in any of our lifetimes? Probably pretty slim. But I think IF I had to pick one, and put money on it, it’d be this one, but I still wouldn’t bet much.

6. Aliens. Well, considering we sent off that radio signal what? 50 years ago? And the closest aliens would be an many, many light years away, they won’t be getting our message for awhile and furthermore, if they were looking at us RIGHT now from way over there, they’d be looking at us 1000 years ago, with no technology and pretty primitive ways. If they were looking to harvest resources and destroy us all, they’d be SUPER pissed when they got here, realizing we’ve pretty much destroyed anything they’d wanted.

That being said, I’ve actually decided to take 2012 seriously. Not literally, but figuratively. I’ve decided to make this year all about survival. Having items for survival, learning about it, honing skills, and knowing what the right thing to do is. Mind you, this is NOT stockpiling food, cause that’s really kinda dumb if you ask me (I’ll get to that in another blog). But knowing how to GET food and more importantly water, shelter, fire, having stuff on hand, and WHAT stuff on hand. I’ll give you a couple of examples of what I mean, and what you can expect in some future posts of mine:

1. Know WHAT is important. Things like clean water, shelter, fire, and food.

2. Drying food, which is the best way to store food. You aren’t going to want to carry 200 pounds of sugar anywhere, and chances are, if something happens, you wanna be portable because at some point, you’ll have to move.

3. Honing skills like gathering, hunting, finding food sources, and cooking or preserving that food when you don’t have electricity.  And knowing which berries to eat, so to speak.

4. Learning how to make fire.

5. Natural medicines and the like, because really, if you scrape your knee and the sh*t has hit the fan and it gets infected, that could kill you.

6. Toughening yourself up so you can actually survive. Physically and mentally.

7. Probably the most important: Getting water. Storing water. Cleaning water. Without water, you are dead. Quickly. Period.

8. Skills. Because THAT is what’s REALLY gonna keep you alive.

I won’t lie. I’ve always been enchanted and drawn to survival situations. I watch those shows. I read the books. I’d do it for a living if I could. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my modern conveniences but I also appreciate how fragile they can be.

I just wanted to give you a little info, and hope you enjoy future blogs I post about this. Maybe you’ll learn something too.


8 thoughts on “2012: Zombie Apocalypse Intro

  1. I am totally onboard with the survival thing because I’m planning for scenario #7: the world economy goes tumbling into a black hole. It’s going to get messy with a bit of scenarios #4 and #3 (when you say ‘zombies’, I hear ‘looting hordes of desperate people’) thrown in.

    Making 2012 all about improving your skills can only be a good thing.

    Anyways, interesting post. Oh and I awarded you the versatile bloggery thingy: http://thingsmybellylikes.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/thursday-thoughts-im-a-versatile-blogger/

    • Yes! That’s one I totally missed. If the economy collapses, particularly the total loss of oil (sooooooooooo many things are grossly dependent on that in this world) it’s gonna get seriously messy!

      Thanks for the award! I posted it on here, and I’m a total newbie, so I’m damn proud of myself I figured out how to do that LOL!

  2. Well, you got me! In the time I have followed you I have learned so much – and now – CDC and the Zombie Apocalypse! Holy Moly! Gonna order a tee-shirt! 🙂
    Now, a bit more seriously (why? dunno) homesteading skills is what you are talkin’ about. Grow a garden, raise chickens, Make your own water. Oh. Wait. I can already do that – it’s a bit yellow tho’…
    Create a life of dependency on yourself and what you can do, not on nebulous things like gas pipelines, government aid and politicians. Learn to sew, bake, can, dehydrate your food (you mentioned that) knock off sugars and artificial foods… Yeah – now you got ME on a roll! Great Post!

  3. You’ve gone from real interesting to REAL INTERESTING! (I love survival shows like “Survivor Man”, Dual Survival”, and “Track me if you can.”)

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