Multi Purpose Pork

I love meals that are not only easy and tasty, but make great leftovers. Creative left overs. Stuff you can turn into other stuff. Like turkey for example. A whole turkey one day can be turkey soup the next, or turkey sandwiches, or turkey casserole. It’s simple, it’s easy, it kills two birds with one stone.

If you read my previous post on jalapeno vinegar. I use that in this post.

So first, take a big ass pork roast.

And let it marinade overnight in a jalapeno vinegar in the fridge. Trust me. It’s really nice and spicy and tasty and requires nearly no seasoning.

Yay! Blurry vinegar.

Anyway, once it’s marinated go ahead and cook it up with your weapon of choice. I use a crock pot, you can use the oven.

Serve it up for dinner, and eat it. Then, once it’s cool, pull it apart and stick it in the fridge until the next day. It will get a little dry. That’s ok. We are gonna pump life back into it.

Now, mix up some beef broth. I use granules. You can make it stronger than the jar calls for, but don’t make it any weaker. Make enough to cover the pork once you place it in the crock pot.

Put the pork in the crock pot and dump the broth over it. Cover it, turn it to low and cook it about 8 hours. This serves not only to soften up the pork but it adds a lot of flavor to it. Kind of livens it up even more, and mixed with the jalapeno spicy marinade, it’s REALLY good, a totally different taste.

Once that’s done, pull it out of the crock pot and drain it. You just want the pork, not the broth.

Now, DUMP a whole bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce on it. I like KC masterpiece, but it’s really up to you. Do this while it’s hot so you don’t have to warm it up again. Add some pepper or seasonings if you like, but mostly likely you won’t need it.

Now slop it onto some rolls or hamburger buns and you’ve got yourself pulled pork sandwiches. No one will bitch about having the same thing two nights in a row, it’s minimal work for you, and it’s damn tasty.

I’m all about doing this. I LOVE multi purpose stuff because I feel like I basically got out of making dinner for a day. Especially when it’s something crock pot style, then it really feels lazy.

I love lazy.

I can do lazy.



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