Jalapeno Vinegar Goodness: So Simple It’s Evil

One year I had a buttload of jalapenos come in from the garden. They aren’t so good canned, and I didn’t want to dry them, and I couldn’t possibly use all them quick enough so I decided to make jalapeno vinegar.

Since that fateful year, I ALWAYS have at least one gallon going at a time. This year, I’d run out. It’s only January! I won’t have jalapenos again until summer. Rather than do without, I went ahead and found some super cheap on sale and made a couple of gallons.

This stuff works WONDERFUL as a marinade for chicken, fish or even beef (hmmmm, soak a roast in it, hmmmm, so good). It’s spicy, but it’s good, and although it does have a vinegar zip in the meat, it also makes the meat flavorful and super tender. And it’s SO easy to make.

First, grab a couple of containers. I use gallon glass cider jugs. You can use mason jars just make sure you either have a plastic lid for it or cover the band and lid that comes with them with plastic wrap so that the vinegar doesn’t corrode the metal.

Wash them out and sterilize them.

I’m always excited at the thought of jalapeno vinegar! I’m equally as excited to use my cider jugs. I don’t know why but I love these things!

As you can see, my dog shares in my excitement. Always eager to help.

She’s my girl and she’s also elderly, so I cut her a break. She does a very good job of holding down the floor and she’s proud of that. I love her so much!


Now I’m going to give you a tip that you MUST NOT avoid. Do NOT skip this step!

Wear. Gloves.

Yeah, I thought it was BS too. Until one year I chopped jalapenos for fifteen minutes and didn’t feel the burn until an hour later. Burning, BURNING. Like FIRE burning, like a grease burn. It was under my f(@king nails! I used water, soap, cold water, ice water, aloe, tried soaking my hands in milk and nothing worked. I tried to sleep with ice packs on my hands, but for a full 24 hours, it BURNED LIKE HELL.Ā  And NOTHING gets it off, trust me. I searched the internet for HOURS for remedies and NOTHING worked. So please for the love of God and everything holy, WEAR FREAKIN GLOVES.

Ok, pretty sure I got my point across.

Now grab your peppers.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Now, you CAN roast them. I believe that most people will TELL you to roast them before making vinegar. I don’t. I’m too lazy and I don’t have a proper broiler so, I’ve always done them raw. Just make a slit on each side of the pepper with a sharp knife to allow the vinegar to really get in there. I also pop the stems off them.

Now stick them in your jug or jar. I usually fill it nearly half way because I like it strong, but do it to taste.

Then, fill the jug with vinegar. Just plain old white vinegar is what I use. The cheap stuff that comes in huge gallons.

Now, label it. Or I do. I found Ball makes dissolvable canning labels, which are awesome. Only problem is they come in a roll so they are really hard to write on and you can’t really use marker because it kinda bleeds.

Now you’ve got yourself some jalapeno vinegar. Wait at least a month before using it so it really soaks up the jalapeno flavor. Soak your chicken or beef in it for a few hours to overnight and just cook. Usually it doesn’t need much seasoning after a good soak! I’m so excited!

So is the dog!

Ok, well I’m sure in her dreams she’s totally excited for my jalapeno vinegar. That she can’t eat. And would probably turn her nose up at.

You get the picture šŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Jalapeno Vinegar Goodness: So Simple It’s Evil

  1. Great idea – except I don’t like peppers! I make flavored oil by the buttload though! Same concept on a smaller scale – with herbs. I just moved into the middle of an olive orchard, and I am desperately trying to find a way to barter out work on the orchard for oil! Great post!

      • You may be a crafty bitch, but I am a lazy one! I grow my own herbs, so I pick them, wash them, and let them dry on paper toweling for a week. Then I fill a bottle with tightly packed herbs (my favorite combination is rosemary and garlic) and fill the bottle with olive oil. I leave it next to the stove, and shake it every once in a while, and start using in about 6 weeks. I usually strain the herbs out before using. I keep two batches going, so I always have some to use and some coming along! šŸ™‚

      • LOL! Hey, I’m a lazy bitch too but I think that name was already taken LOL

        Sounds like a plan, I usually heat my oil, let it cool, blah blah blah, but I think I’ll try this instead! I have a quite over run herb garden which I have to re-plan this year. I also end up drying TONS of lavender, which I do a million things with. This year I think I’ll do lavender honey!

      • I can’t remember if you bake – but try lavender in scones, etc. I even make tea with mine – I am a serious lavender-aholic! I have dried bunches all over my house! Hint – if you are making lavender honey put the lavender in cheesecloth – makes for easier straining!

  2. Yikes. I HATE when that happens with jalapenos. Ugh. Duly noted. I like your dog pics! I have a bulldog puppy and I include pictures of her in my posts, too–just makes everything better, doesn’t it?

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