Chocolate Peppermint Ice Creamy Goodness

I love peppermint. I really do. Peppermint is one of those things that you LOVE or you HATE. I find it to be very polarizing. I’m certainly on the love end of peppermint.

I also love ice cream. Ok, I’m not technically supposed to EAT ice cream and I rarely do, but it’s a nice treat so long as it doesn’t send me into a coma. So when I ran across pioneer woman’s (yup, HER. AGAIN) peppermint ice cream recipe, I was dead set on trying it. Even though I know like 99.8% of her recipes DO send me into a coma. It was too tempting.

It also gives me a chance to use my handy dandy ice cream attachment for my kitchen aid. Gadget. I know. Too bad, live with it. You’re just jealous.

The thing has to be stored in a freezer in a plastic bag, and it gets arctic cold. It’s also nice because there’s no salt/ice BS to deal with. Just make sure it’s been frozen for 24 hours and pull it out. Mind you, mine stays in the freezer at all times because even though I don’t use it that often, when I do, I’m impatient and want it NOW.

I’ve only ever made very simple ice creams. I longed to make the real old fashioned egg and cream type ice creams that I’ve seen in old cookbooks. But I just never had the chance. I’ve made a couple of “pre mix” ice creams using heavy whipping cream, actually made quite a few of those (they were on end of season clearance one year at Meijer, ok so shoot me), but never really ventured into the cooked ice cream realm.

Her peppermint ice cream recipe calls for peppermint candies crushed up. Ok, that sounded good and I certainly had left over candy canes, but, her variation sounded better. Andes mints. Oh yes, and more yes. It would be like a heavenly version of mint chocolate chip. The day was mine!

It was a much more complicated recipe than I had imagined, really. With strainers and cooling and egg yolks. But it was worth it. If you do a google search, I’m sure you’ll find the recipe.

So first, you are supposed to measure out some half and half.

Pour that into a heavy saucepan and add some sugar.

Simmer that up until it’s dissolved. Meanwhile, grab a bowl to beat some eggs.

Now you’ve got to temper the eggs. This was a little tricky because you’ve go to drizzle the eggs into 2 cups of the hot half and half and whisk it quickly. I assume so the eggs won’t separate or cook. Then you pour it back into the pan, whisking and reheat it.

It turns into a yummy kind of custard. It gets real thick. And then, and this was a pain in the butt, you’ve got to press it through a mesh strainer into a bowl by pressing the liquid with a spoon to kind of force it through the strainer.

Then you add the heavy cream to it and stir in vanilla, etc.

And you’ve got to stick it in the fridge until it’s completely cool.

Now you get to put it in the ice cream maker! Yay! My favorite part! The damn thing is LOUD and it takes longer than you’d think to really get it even semi soft frozen, but it still rocks!

Once it’s completely it’s cycle, you add the Andes Mints. Now, the recipe called for chopping up the candies. Although I would have just stuck them in the food processor to do the job for me, when I went to the store to grab the mints for this recipe I found, and figure this out, that the Andes Chips (yes, they make those, pre chopped Andes mints, go figure) came in a larger package and were cheaper than the full size mints?  How much sense does that make? So I thought, screw it, less work for me.

I stirred it nicely and I had already put it in a freezer safe bowl, so no need to transfer it to one. Now into the freezer it went. Every couple hours, though, it needs checked and mixed otherwise all the mints will sink to the bottom.

It takes about 24 hours for it to freeze completely. Mind you, if you’ve never made home made ice cream before, don’t expect it to be the same consistency. It won’t. Home made ice cream is much more solid, and needs taken out of the freezer a few minutes before you intend to eat it. That being said, it’s a whole lot better than store bought. And a lot better for you too (NOTICE I did NOT say it’s GOOD for you, I said it’s BETTER for you than that non-grass fed GMO chemical store bought crap).

The verdict? It was damn good! And even better, it’s a great base for variation. You could add all kinds of stuff to this base ice cream and it’d turn out delicious. You can taste the cream, the egg, the vanilla. I love stuff like that! Instead of typical ice cream, where you taste SWEET or you taste CHUNKS of whatever, in this you can taste it all. Worth a shot if you have never tried it.

Just…I plan on laying off this for awhile. Ice cream is good, but dangerous for me, especially being slightly lactose intolerant. I don’t know how long this will last because I’ve gotten the idea in my head to make raw milk ice cream.

Yeah, if you don’t hear from me for a few days, I’m just in the diabetic coma ward. I’ll be fine.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Peppermint Ice Creamy Goodness

  1. Jesus, that sounds like good ice cream! I would find it really hard to avoid eating the whole damn bowl. Probably for the best that it has to warm a little before serving — that might, (and only might) make things easier — the initial craving could possibly be damped down a little. Or not. You need a roommate in that coma ward? Sign me up!

  2. I have never seen anyone do a step by step for this, so thanks for doing this post. I think I can actually do it, LOL! I’ve been wanting to make ice cream for quite a while. Even though it’s not good for me, I love it so much.

    Great job!

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